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Learn From Home At Your Own Puppy's Pace

The first five months of your puppy’s life is critical to their development. Let us help you make a positive impact!

This class is designed to give you the knowledge you need to get your puppy off on the right paw and deal with the issues you are most concerned about! This course will give you practical easy solutions to the most common puppy problems such as nipping, potty training, leash walking and more. We will give you a strong training foundation that will set your puppy up for lifelong success. We will also show you how to prevent negative habits from forming later in life. You will learn how to set appropriate rules and boundaries and build confidence in your puppy through easy to follow practices that make lasting positive change. If you want a puppy you can enjoy, this is the course for you!

What you can expect to learn about:

Learn everything you need to raise a calm, confident and loving companion.

  • How to correctly potty train and stop accidents

  • Manage biting, nipping and excessive chewing

  • How to train your puppy without treats

  • Prevent them from jumping up on people

  • Get your puppy to come back to you when called the first time

  • Listen to obedience commands in and outside of the home

  • Stop embarrassing leash pulling and start having enjoyable walks

  • What not to do and how to avoid common mistakes almost all puppy owners make

  • Build a loving, trustworthy bond with your puppy

  • And much more!

What You'll Get Inside:

  • 3 Weeks Of Premium Quality Video Trainings

    Unlike other online puppy lectures, which use boring PowerPoint slides and webcam footage. Our training videos are professionally produced and enjoyable to learn from. Letting you easily follow along step by step as we train your new puppy!

  • In-Depth Training PDF Workbooks & Homework Checklists

    We also include info-packed pdfs to help you solve common sticking problems you might come across for any situation you may encounter. Outlining best practices, additional strategies, weekly homework, and insights to use while working with your puppy.

  • Online Learning, Real World Results

    Learning is great, but taking the time to practice is what gets results! Keeping this in mind, we designed the course to help correctly pace your training. Lessons are unlocked weekly to help give you time to work with your puppy and actually apply each of the exercises. This ensures you and your puppy get the most out of the course!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the videos live or prerecorded?

    Heck no! Unlike most online courses out there we don't do low quality webcam rants, boring slideshow lectures, or low quality clips slapped together from old classes or seminars. All of our content is produced by professional videographers using 4K cameras, edited with screen notes and pro tips. Our trainings don't just look better, they have but been designed so that you can easily follow along as you watch. With no fluff, jam packed lessons that take less than 30 min to practice with your puppy! We believe training should be both educational and entertaining!

  • Is there a limit to how many times I can rewatch the videos?

    You can watch them as many times as you’d like. In fact, we encourage it!

  • Would there be any training equipment that's needed to follow the lessons?

    No specific equipment required but we do recommend a properly fitted martingale collar, a hands free leash for walks, and a 6 foot leash for quick potty breaks and patience training.

  • Can I buy your hands free leashes and martingale collars?

    They are currently only available to our training clients here in Calgary, but we are totally open to shipping them if you are really interested!

  • Can I ask you questions if I’m having trouble as I’m go through the course?

    We’ve made this course extremely comprehensive to tackle any questions and issues any puppy owner may have, but should something come up that wasn’t covered, we will be consistently adding new content as needed (a lot of which will be based on questions that we get!)

  • I’ve already taught my dog to listen with treats. Is it possible to switch to not using treats?

    Not a problem at all! You will learn in the course how to use other forms of praise and reward.

  • I don’t have a puppy but I still want to learn from you. Is this course worth doing?

    There is definitely lots of helpful information for dogs of all ages in this course, but it is primarily geared towards puppy owners. It could be useful if you are having “puppy” issues with an adult dog though. For example, bathroom “accidents” in the house, destructive behaviours, and general poor obedience.

  • Can I take this class if my puppy has zero training?

    YES! We go over almost everything a new puppy owner needs to know. No prior skills or knowledge is required!

Here is a breakdown of the different lectures!

  • 1

    Week 1 - Problem Puppers

    • 0 - How to go through this course

    • Week 1 Training Homework Checklist

    • 1 - Puppy Training Fundamentals

    • 2 - How To Get Your Puppy Into Their Kennel

    • 3 - How To Stop Biting & Nipping

    • 4 - How To Stop Chewing & Destructive Behaviours

    • 5 - Potty Training

    • 6 - Puppy Expectations

    • 7 - Developmental Deadlines

    • 8 - Spoiling Your Puppy Rotten

  • 2

    Week 2 - Practiced Puppers

    • Week 2 Training Homework Checklist

    • 9 - How To Stop Your Puppy From Jumping

    • 10 - Training Without Treats

    • 11 - Training Your Puppy To Sit

    • 12 - Training Your Puppy To Stay

    • 13 - How To Teach Your Puppy To Lie Down

    • 14 - How To Get Your Puppy To Come Back

    • 15 - How To Stop Tripping Over Your Puppy

    • 16 - How To Teach Your Puppy Drop It and Leave It

  • 3

    Week 3 - Proper Puppers

    • Week 3 Training Homework Checklist

    • 17 - Taking Your Dog To Off Leash Parks

    • 18 - How To Stop Leash Pulling

    • 19 - Understanding Puppy Grooming

    • 20 - How To Feed Your Puppy

    • 21 - Understanding Spaying and Neutering

    • 22 - Congratulations & Closing Notes

  • 4

    Bonus Lectures (Always Changing)

    • Need more help? Let us know so we can answer it in this bonus video section!